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Rewiring an Already Wired Brain

Today, through the habitual use of a product, a person’s brain develops mental models for how it functions and looks. These mental models are formed through the regular use of a system (such as a website, app, or even a more tactile user interface), and knowledge of how a system works.

Users tend to transfer behaviours they have built around one familiar product to another that appears similar.

Similarly, design in these products is training our own brains to evolve into newer mental models. Requiring small, gradual inclinations in user experience instead of a large overhaul. …

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When I was having coffee with a then-colleague exploring leaving my industry a few years ago, I honestly thought that was pretty outrageous to give up on something this bright, dazzling and close to the masses as it is. She was smart, tenacious and full of life — someone you’d associate with a fast-paced industry like ours. And in our ideal world on a good day — advertising is in the culture of real inspiration and change, we make people laugh, cry and inspire the best of humanity.

Until I hit 30.

I loved my job in advertising, it was…

Sy Chia

Aspiring digital product designer & creative

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